The Second Trailer to Love, Simon

The second trailer for the upcoming gay teen film Love, Simon is out and you’ve got to see it.

We, or at least this writer, love to share gay entertainment media with all of you. Whether they big budget films, award-bait indie films, or smaller projects that need support on kickstarter.

As for the gay entertainment media that we’re talking about today, it might be the first real big budget film we’ve talked about on GayPopBuzz.

What makes Love, Simon special, or at least worth knowing about, isn’t its story necessarily, but the work being down behind the scenes.

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The film will be distributed like no gay film has ever seen before. The film is being produced by Wyck Godfrey and Marty Bowen, the team that produced major teen flick The Fault in Our Stars. The marketing for the film is very aggressive and the distribution is wonderfully spread out.

This will be a gay film that’s not only presented to gay audiences and straight movie goers interested in gay content, but to all people in general.

As for the story itself, it follows a typical closeted high school boy. What makes Simon special, besides his sexuality, is that he gets in contact with an online buddy who’s also gay. The two message away at each other, and Simon starts to wonder who his online pen pal (who also goes to his school) is.

If you’re interested in Love, Simon and want to see a little of it before going to the movie theaters this coming March, check out the second trailer down below.

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