When I posted the pics of Ariel Ben-Attar yesterday I thought he would get much more attention than he has on the blog, so what’s the deal, guys? Is he not gorgeous? Does he not have an amazing body, a handsome face and a stunning butt?

Maybe those photos didn’t do it for you, but I think some of these will.

I’ve been looking around out there for nude pics, assuming that he might be open to revealing all for the audience if he’s willing to show off that sexy little butt of his. But, alas, it seems he’s very much the tease and he knows where to stop before showing too much. Maybe I just didn’t find the right pics, but it seems as though showing off his butt is as far as he’s willing to go.

Still, he’s a handsome man with a great body and a tempting bulge, and we want to see more of him in his underwear!

Of course, these photos are by several different photographers, but they all know what a stunning guy they have in front of their cameras and they know how to show him off pretty well.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think of him, and if you have any recommendations for shoots or models you think we should have featured on the blog 🙂

Have a fab Thursday!