enrique englesias

His new music video is delish!

Bathrooms are sexy!  Bathrooms are hot!  Bathrooms are sensual!  Well, maybe not all bathrooms.  But Enrique Iglesias’ bathroom is all this and more.  His latest video, “El Baño,” featuring

Bad Bunny, which dropped last Friday, makes a pretty good argument for that room where we bathe, relieve ourselves and, according to Señor Iglesias, have lots of hot monkey sex.

With translated lyrics like, “Every time I see you, you make me so hard” and “I just want to see you dance with no clothes,” Iglesias ups the heat quotient from hot to muy caliente!  And spoken in his native tongue, they sound even more provocative.

Oh, Enrique! Woof!

The premise is simple: Enrique meets a sultry brunette in a bar and, a la “Groundhog Day,” they find themselves repeating the encounter over and over until they finally get it on.  Iglesias channels Bill Murray, while Pollyanna Uruena fills in for Andie MacDowell.

Bill Murray’s funnier, but Enrique’s sexier.  Sorry, Bill.

All of this appears to be orchestrated by the mysterious bartender, played by Eric Roberts (yes, that Eric Roberts!)  For those of you who thought his music video career had peaked a few years ago when Mariah Carey ditched him at the altar in “We Belong Together,” think again.

He’s sly, suave and he apparently makes a mean Rum on the Rocks, since that’s all anyone seems to order.

From there, we see a series of erotic shots of Pollyanna touching herself and Enrique looking frustrated, determined and, of course, sexy.

A few stolen glances, some skinny dipping and a hot make out session lead us to the finale, where we find Pollyanna, alone in a bathtub on a deserted beach.  Was it all a dream?  Something tells me only Eric Roberts knows for sure.

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But don’t take my word for it.  Pour yourself an Atlantico Rum on the Rocks (Enrique’s their spokesperson!), check out the raunchy clip below and let us know what you think.