Let’s discuss this disdain for wearing Swim Briefs AKA Speedos and whether it’s warranted or not. The swimwear may not leave much to the imagination in some people’s eyes but it’s also very…


  1. That's what I thought too, if many girls wear bikini, why not men wear swim briefs like casually too. Wouldn't that considered equal? I always thought about that long time ago. I already posted some videos of me diving with my swim briefs. I am not even an athlete, I just dive and swim for fun.

  2. I wear speedos any chance I get. I used to be very shy when I wore them to the beach, but now I wear them without shame. Life is way too short to be so concerned with what other people think of the swimwear you prefer. Swimming and tanning is sooo much better when wearing a brief compared to those sloppy shorts. I'll admit that there are times when I feel self conscious when I walk through a sea of boardshorts on my way to the water, but I look straight ahead and hold my head high. Confidence is key! Guys, just go for it. I promise, it will be the best thing you ever did. I'm glad someone put a video out about this.

  3. I grew up wearing them nearly everywhere in summer as a kid and into my teens. Then the early eighties happened. I feel strongly that the beginning of the "shame" started because of the AIDS epidemic. Gay men being such fans of the swim wear the swim wear became an easy target.. any one wearing speedo's was assumed gay.

  4. Dude, own it. I'm a four to five-time per week swimmer, I always work out in speedos, and sometimes (usually) wear them at the beach or pool when I go to Cape Cod, etc. Last week I wore a regular pair of short trunks at a pool while on vacation and, besides feeling slightly overdressed, I realized the benefit of the speedo: when I climbed out of the pool I could barely extend my left leg its full range to pull myself out and almost split them in the butt. I couldn't care less what others think (though I guess I'm lucky, while not that common, they're not much of a issue in coastal Massachusetts, especially on Cape Cod).

  5. i honestly don't know what i prefer to see a man wear in regards to beach/swim wear. i think guys who are toned and muscular look great in speedos but they also would look great dressed in a bin bag ! i personally think that guys who have some meat on their bones look good in speedos too and i think that a guy who is very obese sometimes actually looks better in speedos than in board shorts. i think that we should all wear what we want to within reason, meaning as long as certain body parts are not nakedly exposed, but not all of us have the confidence to do so or the ability/strength of character to genuinely not give a damn what other people think about our outfit or how we look in it. as an overweight woman i personally would never wear a bikini, even one with big pants, but that is because of me having very low self confidence as i have seen some big or even obese women wearing a bikini and they looked great, i also feel very self conscious in a one piece swimsuit too, i actually love the old style costume that has a little skirt but feel like i am too old (51) for that as i used to wear those when i was a little girl. basically i think that it all comes down to self confidence or the lack of it regardless of our size and that if we are feeling confident in what we are wearing then that translates to how other people see us. btw, i think you look great in your speedos and i LOVE the shade of red that they are !

  6. I love wearing speedos because they are much more comfortable than board shorts and they dry a lot faster too. Plus I feel kind of sexy when I wear them.

  7. Idk why so many people aren't fond of them, I really have no problem about it.Regardless, it takes confidence to wear one.

  8. It's weird how so many other people get hung up on what other people are wearing. I say if you like it then screw everyone else, lol. I for one loved that thumbnail and this one too btw. ??

  9. As an Islander, I think there fine! There speedos for swimming. I wear speedos and people say I am exposing to much but I just wear them because when I race they make me fastsf

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