I was just telling my gf that I was asked to be in a friends wedding and it dawned on me that they’ll be two sets of groomsmen and not bridesmaids. Or maybe mixed wedding party members, not sure honestly.

What’s the standard wedding procedure on this? Do two groomsmen walk the aisle together? Do we start at the front?

Also if you have any other tips or wedding etiquette for a first time groomsmen at a wedding I’d appreciate the info


  1. The standard is two people walk together? I mean I don’t even know if that’s technically a standard, sometimes 1 person walks themselves and sometimes 3 walk together. What’s it matter?

  2. The fun part of gay weddings is that there are no standards. My husband had his best female best friends as his best woman and I had my two best friends (a straight couple) as my best couple. They each walked down the aisle independently and then my husband and I each walked down with our moms.

    If you would technically be paired with another dude, the grooms will probably have already thought that through and come up with a work around.

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