Hey, everyone! I just had a strange experience on Grindr and I’m wondering if anyone has experienced something similar.

I was on Grindr, just doing some regular browsing. A profile without a picture, but with some details, messaged me. I asked him for a pic, and he sent one, along with details of his location. Given that he was sending me his location details, I assumed that he was interested in having sex. I was not looking for sex, so I blocked him. Then, maybe 1 minute later, I got a call from an unknown number.

I picked up the call, and it was a dude with an Eastern European accent, and he said “why did you just block me? That was very rude.” I immediately hung up the phone. Another call came in from an “unknown number,” and he left a voicemail saying “that was rude twice to block me on grindr and to hang up on me, [bey5ever]. Wow. I’m going to call you one more time and you’re going to apologize ok?”

Luckily he did not call again. However, I’m very weirded out. I have never met that man in my life. My number is not on my profile. Has anyone experienced something similar? I tried to use my googles but nothing came up. For now, I’ve disabled my location on my phone.


  1. I’m able to automatically block unknown numbers on my phone. It’s a beautiful thing. I’ve never had anything like that happen though, definitely high on the creepo scale.

    Edit: by unknown number, I mean any “private” call that comes in is automatically rejected.

  2. That is scary! I can’t think of how they would be able to get your phone number from Grindr. He knew your name? Sounds like this guy already got some of your personal information from elsewhere and had it available when he messaged you.

    Do you have your instagram linked? From there it could be pretty easy to trace back other personal info like name and number, depending how much of that you have locked down.

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