hairy chest man underwear

It’s that time year – winter. If you live in a cold weather climate (like several of us do here at the blog) you already know that January, February, and parts of March can be downright miserable.

It wasn’t that long ago that one of our writers got so cold that he stuffed a disposable handwarmer in his underwear to warm up his jingle-bells warm.

Given how nasty it is outside, we decided it was time to heat things up. And what better way to do this than to focus on men with fur.

But we’re not just talking about guys with hairy chests here (even though we love them). Instead, this post is about full on studs with pleasure trails!

Hey, you have heard of that term before, right? It’s the newish phrase in gaydom that has replaced “treasure trail”. Well, perhaps it hasn’t really replaced the phrase but honestly, who gives a fudge.

lean gay wolf

What’s really important are the hot men who can spread their heat to our cold arse bodies!

What follows are a series of photographs we found on in our fantasies … err, we mean on Instagram  and the web …of dudes with yummy trails. We admit right now in front of you and all that this post is ridiculous, shallow, and vapid.

But you know what guys?

guy with a hairy chest
Look at that pleasure trail baby!

We’ve got to do something to pass the time! All of us need a bit of eye candy to feast upon, right? Particularly now that the holidays are over and summer seems like a LONG way off.

So, let’s all band together and celebrate the joy of man-fur. Be sure to share with your buddies who may need warming up, too. They’ll love you for it and so will we.

FYI: Some of the guys presented here barely qualify but because they are HAWT AF so we are posting anyway. We told you this was a vapid and empty post!

Now feast!

Admit it boys, you know you needed to be warmed up. Now go out into the world and celebrate the heat of winter!