Gifs of Riverdale’s Archie Wrestling

Now we’ll be honest, we’re not really watching tv show Riverdale for the suspenseful plot. Honestly, the show’s gotten pretty corny in the past season. That said, there’s still something to keep us riveted from episode to episode. The boys.

Riverdale has some of the hunkiest men around and we just can’t get enough of them.

And you know what makes it even harder for us to get over them? When they dress up in tight and revealing wrestling singlets. That’s right, it’s like a gay man’s wet dream (or cheap porno from the 60s)!

On last night’s episode, the show’s main character Archie (played by the oh so delectable KJ Apa) decided to give his high school’s wrestling team a try.

Lukcily, Apa wasn’t the only cast member in a revealing singlet (even some of the extras look just too good to be true). Kevin Keller (played by Casey Cott), our token gay character, was there to tease our eyes too. Then, a match with another character named Chuck practically had us on the floor (waiting to be pinned ourselves).

And you know who we have to thank for this wonderful episode? Gregg Araki, a director who gay us gay flicks like The Living End and Mysterious Skin. Clearly, he knew what he was doing to us when he directed these scenes.

Don’t believe us on how tempting the scenes were? Check out gifs and pics down below. You’re welcome.

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