Tom Holland’s Latest Instagram Pics

Can we take a moment to appreciate the beauty that is Tom Holland?

It is always great to have a Hollywood crush that is not only a hot celebrity but also a decent human being. Luckily, Holland’s both.

Tom Holland has been committed to the craft of acting since he was little. He was one of the original Billy Elliots and explored the world of theatre from a young age. After that, he found his way into acting in front of a camera and now he’s a major player in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Our new Spider-man, the third movie iteration so far, is younger than the other two before him, but he has a fresh and fun vibe to him.

Because of that, Tom Holland has found a fan in me and in many other people who love to watch superhero movies.

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That fandom has segued from his moments swinging across New York City skylines in a spandex suit to just hanging out shirtless on Instagram.

That’s right, I am a follower of Tom Holland on Instagram, and I was graced a couple days ago with a slightly suggestive and slightly silly pic of the star.

Holland apparently couldn’t sleep and decided to take a few pics to share online to amuse himself. (Either that or his management team told him to do something spicy for attention… which worked).

As a fan of Tom Holland, it is my responsibility, my right, and my pleasure to share with you the pics in question.

Check them out below (and consider following Tom Holland on Instagram).