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This video was requested from my previous sex video with Ella so Simon and I finally got around to doing it. We hope it helped some of you and we answered enough questions. Like I said, I will try and get another male to film with me and share his opinion too. We were both pretty honest so I’m hoping you all appreciate that. I am currently in Morocco so won’t be replying to comments so please tweet me 🙂

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  1. This is great video if i was teenager this is exactly what i would need to hear. Its also so sad how girls feel so insecure about themseleves and feel embarrassed about being naked in front of a guy. But i was exactly the same really. Dont worry it does get easier!

  2. 1. As a guy, I would say probably about 6 months on average, because by then you are probably really comfortable with eachother, the relationship is serious and you are probably already 'semi-intamate'
    2, No, not really.
    3. I didn't know that was possible so not for me
    4. The first thing I see is their hair, then face (eyes <3) jthen I will check them out. Obviously I'm not going to 'see' your personality lol ….Honestly any body type is hot but if you weigh 500lbs no offence but personally for me I'm not into that.
    5. They will compare to what they've seen before because they're all different but not really 'judge' it per se.
    6. Because free speech. Seriously tho they either say it because they arent thinking properly or they are just general dicks. Most people dont do it but I know a girl who has faked anorexia so we do discuss her size ….
    7. Nipples are nipples and i dont see how that would change anything unless people are so used to porn that they think every girl looks like a pornstar
    8. Absolutely not we all look funny in the morning

  3. How can your bf not compare you with his ex if shes more of what he wanted physically than you? Its just hard to believe he doesnt ever compare

  4. this video actually helped me so much! definitely less insecure after this which i didn't even know was possible! body confidence!!!! ❤️

  5. I made my boyfriend wait two and a half years and that made it so much more special. If they're really into you and you can keep them interested they won't care about how long it takes ?

  6. I dont like the expression "give up" as i think sex is not something you give up to somebody rather a experience that you share with another person/persons

  7. in my experience (little of it I have) but talk to my lad friends or actually experience if ur in bed with a guy and they your strechy marks or nipples or anything they arnt just go Eywwwww having sex with u because of xyz !!!!! that's never happened and I dought it ever will so relax 🙂 xxxx

  8. also i have recently subscribed and adore how candid you are grace, i don't think i know of another youtuber quite as blunt and open as you are…you and your channel are utterly wonderful :)! <3

  9. i realise this isn't relevant to the topic of the video but i have just noticed simon's jackson tattoo and almost fell off the bed, as a fellow fan i VERY MUCH APPRECIATE! it has been very well done :D!

  10. Loving this. I am not feeling confident enough about myself at the moment and watching this made me believe in myself. Thank you!!!

  11. A lovely video, I love that comment about simon talking about stretch marks,its nice to hear a man point of view

  12. I just found your channel and I'm in Heaven. You two are beautiful souls! Can I adopt you as my sister?! LOL!

  13. i loved this, you two are like the best couple and your answers were so meaningful if u get what i mean lol xx


  15. This is hands down one of the most realist videos ive seen. Grace, thank for that. This is actually helping me a lot espically with my insecurities. It just shows that there guys out there who really have no issues with the way we are. Of course there guys who judge the fuck outta us girls. Choosing the right people, friends and eveyrthing is how we learn i guess.

  16. you have an amazing boyfriend for loving you for you and not your body !!! youre so lucky! hes a keeper

  17. Your so passionate Grace which I love but let the man talk lol you kept cutting him off 🙁 lol

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