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Masturbation Dreams

It’s taken me several months to send this because I’m SO embarrassed. Here it goes!

I’ve had a recurring dream where this hot guy from my gym gets me to masturbate in a water bottle.

The weird thing is this dream is always the same.

I’m changing in the locker-room and nobody else is around. Suddenly, he walks up to me and hands it to me.   

When I ask what’s up, he just stares at me. Never once does he smile or say a word.

Strangely, I can tell that he wants me to masturbate in it. Isn’t that f—ked up?

Once I start jerking, he joins in with me.

In a flash, we both release into the bottle.

This is the only time he talks. Long story short, he tells me to drink it. No, he’s not violent. But he’s not nice either. It’s hard to explain. I don’t feel threatened or anything.

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After I guzzle it down, he fists-bumps me and leaves. That’s it.

WTF is this dream about?! I admit being strongly attracted to this man but I don’t even know his name! Plus, it’s not clear to me if he’s even gay.

And what’s that bottle all about?

– Mikey in Chicago

What This Dream Might Mean

Hello, Mikey,

This is an interesting dream. You have a lot going on here. OK, I’ll try to offer insight as best I can.

In my experience, there are three primary reasons people have masturbation dreams. I’ll list them below as a way of information sharing.

Consider these a foundation for what follows.

1) Physiological release

One of the main reasons people have masturbation dreams is simple human physiology. In other words, your body and mind may need to create a fantasy so that you can expend sexual energy.

This is not uncommon. In fact, it’s one of the primary reasons wet dreams occur.

2) Neglected self

Another reason masturbation dreams happen is when a person neglects themselves.

If we are giving too much of ourselves and not attending to our own needs, the mind can project erotic imagery as a gentle reminder.

3) Fantasy based

The final reason a masturbation dream might happen relates to fantasy. In other words, when we are attracted to another person, be it physically, emotionally or both, the subconscious mind can “make real” our most intimate desires.

Semen in Dreams

Before we can talk about the bottle, we must first explore the topic of semen. In dream-speak, semen almost always represents rebirth and growth.

When you think about it – doesn’t this make sense?

After all, one needs this bodily fluid for reproductive purposes.

I’m wondering how long the man you are attracted to has been working out at your gym? Is he new? Are you hoping something might happen in the erotic sense?

If so, the seminal fluid in your dream could be some part of your subconscious nudging you to speak with him. That you don’t know his name or his sexual orientation suggests to me that your mind is filling in the gaps.

Using body language, has he given some type of hint he’s interested? Search your memories and think carefully.

Now let’s move on to the next bit of symbolism – the bottle.

Bottles in Dreams

While not always the case, bottles (and cups) in dreams often represent hope and rejuvenation. I say, “not always the case” because bottles can also speak to wisdom and intuition.

When we look at your dream in its entirety, the bottle likely symbolizes an aspect of your psyche that wants to break free of fear and try something new.

FYI: It’s significant that the both of you deposited into the container.

Whenever mutual release happens – in terms of a dream – it generally speaks to a symbolic merging.

Which makes me wonder the following:

Is there some part of him that you wish to possess? I’m not talking about a sexual appendage.

Instead, I’m thinking of his persona – his essence. What is it about him that you find attractive that transcends the physical? For example, does he seem confident? Is he easygoing?

Sometimes, we are attracted to another as a way of completing something missing from ourselves. Just food for thought.

Moving on …

Does the guy you like remind you of anyone, past or present? If so, who might that be? Knowing the answer may help you better understand what this dream is about.

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That said, I’m curious if you’ve ever talked to this man – even when just passing each other on the gym floor? Have you wanted to introduce yourself but decided against? If so, why? What’s causing you to freeze up?

Drinking from Bottles

The final part of your dream involves drinking from the bottle. When we dream about taking something into an orifice, it’s almost always about communication.

That you open to following his request says a lot. This could be your subconscious trying to tell you to trust yourself. After all, you could have said no, right?

Oh, by the way – it’s notable at the end of your dream, you both fist-bumped.

Could this be more affirmation that making contact will be OK? I think it’s possible.

I’d like you to consider something for a moment. What’s the absolute worst thing that could happen if you tried to strike up a conversation?

It’s not like you are going to hit on him at this point – right? We’re just talking about saying hello and some small talk. The worst possible outcome is he comes off as disinterested.

But if you don’t try, you’ll never know. Follow me?

Trying new things is always a good thing – otherwise, we can’t grow.

If you are interested in learning more about dream symbolism, check out this book on the hidden meaning of dreams (Amazon).

Dr. John is a psychotherapist and contributor to GPB. He specializes in men’s issues. Visit his profile to learn more.

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