I met a man 11 years ago and been in relationships since. when I met him I have learned his beliefs and he was very active in his religion. He left it for me and him and wanted to learn how to love a man and be in a relationship. Years passed by our sweet and bitter moments were there but we stayed strong and together for the longest time. He has not left and neither I have. Very committed relationship and we truly care for each other and I think we will care for each other all our lives. He had told me that he wanted to come to God and be closer. We kinda talked about it but we never knew it will happen. Yesterday I had talked with him and asked I feel you are different and what has been happening and will happen to us. He brought the topic of going back to church serving God because he was happier and felt happier. I am not going to stop him I will always love him and care for him of course differently as time come. I am hurt and saddened by this I want him happy I want him to be successful and I want him to progress spiritually again. He wants me to be with him as he is returning to God he doesn’t want to leave me alone because he knows it will hurt me as it hurt me soooo much and it hurt him. But we all know life is life and it changes constantly. This is my story and I am one of billion people suffering a pain that I never imagined in my life.