What do you wish you would have known before you started dating?

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  1. That ‘dating’ has different meaning to people.

    While many view dating as exclusive and getting to know one another others view it as getting to know each other while having their options open and its ok to talk to other people.

  2. It’s ok to not be into the first ten or more guys you meet. Focus on what you’re interested in and finding someone who resonates with that, instead of looking for someone you think you’d like to resonate *with*.

  3. I never got any attention from chicks… when I started cruising/dating guys I would get lots of attention. It was so exciting to have people flirt/hit on me that I would hook up with lots of guys just because they started talking to me. I wish I had known how major an impact the concept of “beer goggles” has on me.

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