WARNING: This video contains language about sexual assault.

The new movie “Boy Erased” tells the true story of Garrard Conley — the son of a Baptist pastor who, after being outed to his parents at 19, was sent to a two-week long “gay conversion therapy” program. Conley talked about what the experience was really like, and discussed his efforts to make the practice of conversion therapy on minors illegal. It is currently legal to practice conversion therapy on minors in 36 states. Conley was joined by his mother Martha, who experienced a change of heart while Garrard was in the conversion therapy program and removed him before it was complete. “Boy Erased” arrives in theaters on Friday November 9.


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What Gay Conversion Therapy Is Really Like

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  1. Mm if this was for forcing boys to think they were girls (and vice versa) or to make straight people gay this would've been crazy. Religion gets in the way of the right judgement.

  2. so being gay is legal but citing the bible as a way of "conversion" in these "therapies" is okay?

  3. That isn't the real therapy, nor how it works.

    REAL homosexual conversion therapy is getting them to NOT think about their sexual fantasies, and is about loving their father and other men. In fact, it gets you to go and to interact with other men on a day-to-day basis.

  4. I wanna come out to my mom but I don’t want my mom to send me to a place like this. I’ve already been sent to a hospital due to mental health, when I think about it,
    I cry (the hospital)

  5. Hurt people, hurt people. Simple as day, he was trying to combat his Gayness and putting it on others when all along he was gay himself. Same with Church men molesting little boys or being gay. THANK GOD HE CHANGE IS LIFE AROUND AND STARTED BEING HIM. WE LOVE YOU LGBTQ+ 🏳️‍🌈🌈 ❤️

  6. Yes, let's use a ancient book of fairytals. To condem people for who they are. Because it's ok to do so because a old book says it's wrong. I'd like to know if they dropped him off before there shrimp and lobster dinner or after. She certainly couldn't of been wearing two different blended fabrics People who do this shit in the name of some non-existent god. So they can spew their hatred of others that don't believe the same way they do or aren't the same color as they are or the same religion as they are. Should be persecuted in the same way that the persecute others.

  7. She spend a lot of money to save his son . ( Moms do whatever it takes to save their kids )
    Thanks to Jesus that He came to save our live not by giving what He got but by giving His LIFE 🙁 so that we can have enternal life

  8. If I had a christian child, I would pay for conversion therapy and hopefully they'd stop believing in that nonsense. Religion causes such pervasive damage, we need to help these people out of their mental illness.

  9. why do so many people think being gay is wrong it isnt its like being lesbian which is what turns on most boys besides gay people but hey who cares its called minding ur own business plus heck there r furries which r more hated then gay people r

  10. Y'all I'm a gay Christian and the thought that other "Christians" do this t people makes me sick. Our job is to spread the word and love of God, and brainwashing someone is the exact opposite of that.

  11. I really have to commend the mother and even the pastor. It is sad they were raised in a way to discriminate, but this really proves that people raised with this ideology can change. This comes with racism and other types of discrimination too. These people were raised this way. They can change!

  12. Change the core of your being because an imaginary deity doesn't like the way you turned out.

  13. Incredible how many people who spent years trying to brainwash people into being someone they’re not, have since admitted that they themselves are gay!

  14. As a christian I can't believe that this is still a thing in the states. People are who they are. That's it people, it's who God made them. Deal with it.

  15. Preface: I do not support gay behavior, but I do not have gay people at all. Quite the opposite in fact.

    I think a big camp to turn you not gay is a HORRIBLE idea. I am a Christian and I do not condone or support gay behavior, I think it's like any kind of sin. It's a temptation. I actually think of it like something like gluttony. It's a temptation, that for some, can be exceptionally hard to say no to. I certainly don't hate gluttons, so why would I hate someone who is dealing with something the same on a spiritual level. We need to combat sin with love, not fear and rejection!

  16. To me the question is very simple: I did not choose to feel attracted to women, the same way I cannot choose to feel attracted to men.

  17. I think it's ironic how the leader of a gay conversion therapy camp was gay himself. Like, how much of a hypocrite can you be anyway.

  18. "We found out none of them had more than a high school education." How is that surprising? Take away degrees from religious institutions that lack accreditation and you're left with nothing but people who in the best case scenario has at least a high school diploma. Do these people actually believe that conversion therapy is a scientific thing?

  19. Wait what if your asexual and gay then you wouldn't have any sexual fantasies to share

  20. There is nothing wrong with lqbtq+ at all. Especially in the eyes of God as he loves us all. No-one can help their sexuality, so if it was truly the people that were the problem then why would God have inflicted a sin upon them?

  21. I don’t think you can pray away the gay, brainwash someone straight, or cure them. Personally I think the way we choose to interpret human sexuality is so narrow. So sad this type of practice is disgusting. People should be able to love who they love free from judgement and be who they are ment to free from judgement.

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