What is a good dog whistle that lets fellow gays know im gay but would go over a straight guys head?

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  1. I was hanging out with my friend Sean Cody the other day…

    Reference CMBYN

    I would probably get the hint with “friend of dorothy”

  2. Any of the common quotes from Mean Girls:

    You go Glenn Coco
    It’s October 3rd
    That’s so fetch
    She doesn’t even go here!
    Is butter a carb?
    The limit does not exist.

    For starters 👍😁🌪🌈

  3. Sports references might be good; “I’ve been told I’d make a good tight end, what do you think?”

  4. Do you have the time?

    If he looks at his watch or iPhone he’s straight. If he says, “for what?” he’s not.

  5. When I was in elementary school, that “shave and a haircut” rhythm was called the queer call, and the “two bits” answer was confirmation. Is that still a thing?

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