Fascism is a difficult word to define. We know it when we see it, but no one ever has a satisfying definition. In the 30s and 40s, it brought totalitarianism, war, and genocide. So today, let’s talk about how this idea took hold, grew to prominence, and just how much support it had.

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  1. Check out my White Nationalism Explained Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnpoOo7lhNnFhV5K5Ksefe_ejUJg6EQRT

  2. Fascism was created and coined by an Italian "Socialist" Far Left Benito Mussolini and is Radical Left-Wing. Mussolini sided with the National “Socialist” German Workers Party Far Left wing before the beginning of WW II. Fascism is a Totalitarian National State where the Collective and State/Dictator is stressed and anybody against the Collectivism and the State/Dictator is eliminated.

  3. In truth, no real definition of Fascism you encounter will ever be complete enough. This is because the original Fascists (Mussolini and co.) never really had much of an ideology to speak of. It changed at any given time based on whatever Mussolini was trying to accomplish.

  4. Look on the back of U.S. Dimes from 1916-45. It came off in 1946. Their still are gilded wooden ones in the U.S. capitol. They are 2,000 year old symbols, as is the Roman salute, the stiff right arm "Hail".

  5. Actually Mussolini at the election of 1921 ran with Right Wing's block formed by many political groups and parties called National Blocks (Blocchi Nazionali), which took not just the 5% of the votes, but actually the 19,7% of the votes. There is a huge difference I suppose, because when he started his march on Rome, Mussolini did it basing his dacision on a STRONG political consensus among the masses.

  6. Fascism didn't have a consistent ideology because it wasn't an ideological movement. It was a militia movement.

  7. Fascism is authoritarianism with a specific ethnic or religious focus. That's why Berkley students not allowing Milo to speak is definitely not fascism (multi-ethnic youth are not installed position of authority and their attacks are not based on ethnicity nor religion)… Whereas Donald Trump's "Make America Great Again" is definitely fascism (Using the power of the state apparatus to promote a particular ethnic world-view at the expense of immigrants). Easy.

  8. There is Fascism on the Right and the Left. Please read Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg. He has interviews and lectures on YouTube

  9. First Antifa organization was established in 1932 by the German communist party (KPD) as an opposition to a nationalist movement. The anti-fascist organization in Italy was called Arditi del Popolo. Get your facts straight!

  10. The arguement you made about the NAZIs not being left wing socialist because they didn't favor equality for all….are you there for implying that the "Right" does not want equality? What a weak arguement!

    Would the communist fighting for control of Germany at the same time be considered the "left"

  11. Trump is a fascist. No, I don't mean that he is a fascist dictator, but he is a fascist by nature. This will history prove. Trump will become a fascist dictator, or fall trying. There is nothing in between…

  12. I have a doubt: is the fascism left or right? The fascism and communism seem similar because they are totalitary and claim for more state, besides they hate liberarism. (I din't understand the whole video because I don't speak english yet).

  13. Nice to leave out the fact that Jewish communists launched a revolution in 1918 and the fact they were the driving force behind all the degeneracy of the Weimar Republic

  14. Well Germany was going to go socialist but they got killed off like if you want to read more look up Rosa Luxemburg

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