I’m hoping to get some more direct insight. What turns up on Google searches isn’t very helpful or direct and a lot of feels or is blatantly written from an outside perspective.

More likely than not, I am relocating to Savannah from New York and while I expect many things to be different — day-to-day shopping, chores, and activities — one of the things that I am far more afraid to give up is the LGBT community and the sense of belonging that I had not felt prior to living in this city.

I know that there are only a handful of gay bars, which is no big deal, but I also want to know whether there are reliable opportunities to meet and interact with other gay men, how acceptable being openly gay is, and what the dating scene is like.

I grew up in rural Georgia, about three hours west of Savannah and a huge part of my leaving and making such a drastic change was that I never felt accepted or welcome as a gay man, I knew every gay guy and all of their business within a good hundred mile radius, and gay nightlife was non-existent. Savannah is many times larger than that area though, so I am hopeful that it would be better.


  1. Hey, I can only answer this as a gay college student here in Savannah, but in my circles, in the people i meet with in the community and in stores and on the streets, being openly gay is very open and accepted here. The artsy and often liberal events and actions of SCAD help the area stay open-minded and fun, and I always feel like I am welcome. The pride festival was this past fall in the main park, Forsyth, and it always has a very large attendance. Also, I remember as Trump was getting elected last year, there were many peaceful protests all around downtown with pride flags and banners being flown and shown off. Unfortunately I can’t speak to the older gay scene as I mostly stay within my peers. Hope you enjoy it here!

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