zakar twins

The ins and outs of being hot gay twins!

The Zakar Twins are living proof that two are better than one.  24-year-old gay twin brothers and Instagram sensations, Zach and Michael Zakar, recently sat down with Gay Pop Buzz to discuss their new book, “Pray the Gay Away“, hooking up with the same guy and if they’re identical everywhere.

1) The inspiration for “Pray the Gay Away” was their mother:

“The idea was inspired after we came out to our mother and she threw holy water on us. We originally started writing the book from a hateful place (that was around 18 years old). As the years grew & other events were happening to/around us, we eventually changed the tone of our book from a bitter mother to a mother who just didn’t understand her children. 

We hope Pray the Gay Away shows a different side to Arabic community as well as showing people that things don’t always get better but they heal in their own unique humorous ways.”

2) They officially came out to each other at the age of 18:

“I, Zach, had a hunch when a closeted gay friend at the time, told me Michael was sending him questionable texts. My first thought was “Oh Michael, he’s so silly.” and I was honestly too worried about coming to terms with being gay that I didn’t even realize my own twin was too! So when we both came out we were both shocked because we both had girlfriends.”

3) As described in “Pray the Gay Away”, their mother employed multiple schemes in an attempt to “de-gay” them, such as dousing them with holy water and force feeding them grapes blessed by a priest:

“To this day she claims she never did any of that… the same way she claims that she never used to lay a hand on us as kids (but smacked the shit out of us in public). Our Mom still hides prayers in our drawers, backpacks, under our beds, so she can’t change her ways and either can we! Through it all, we have found a mutually understanding of each other and it gets better day to day.”

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4) People get the two of them confused…sometimes:

“From time to time, people do. Zach had long hair and I had short hair. After Zach cut his hair now looking at some photos, I even confuse us sometimes.”

5) They have inadvertently hooked up with the same guy:

“Hooking up gets messy, because we don’t always share and go through every guy we bang with each other. So every now and then, I get a guy saying I was bigger than Michael or Michael was better in bed than me! So we are try (sic) to keep a system when we are going to a hook-up’s house.”

6) They do everything together…well, almost everything:

“We went to film school together, we work together, model together and we write together. Being close to each other is second nature, we are almost toooo comfortable around each other to the point people think we are banging… and honestly I can see why, we’re like an old married couple that does everything (except fuck.)”

7) Although they have never pulled off a full-scale “Parent Trap” scenario, they have swapped places and pretended to be each other:

“To be honestly, (sic) people ask and I, Zach, always tell them switching with Michael would be horrible for me. I’ve taken a couple of tests for Michael growing up, but the only subject he surpasses me in is art… Michael and I have very different ways of how we think and I think that shows in how we act. Time and time, Michael will cover a work shift by sneaking in for me!”

8) They may or may not be identical everywhere:

“Michael does have a really big… nose. He got a nose job! So we aren’t identical everywhere. Oh our dicks? Buy us a drink and find out.”

–End of Interview

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