I’m sick of the apps and want to meet guys in the real world, not necessarily bars and clubs. How do you “know” that a particular person may be gay? What are some of your tried and true ways of flirting/testing the waters/getting your message across? I gave a barista a note with my number a few weeks ago which was a fun one (turned into endless chatting but no meeting). There’s this guy in one of my classes that I have a crush on and I reeeaaally can’t tell if he’s gay- I go back and forth (but really, ya never know) Any go-to flirting techniques/wisdom y’all have?

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  1. Does his gaze linger on you for a noticeably longer amount of time than usual? Then he’s gay/bi. If not, he’s either straight, or not interested. People don’t spend more time than they need looking at and considering things in which they’re not interested.

  2. Be subtle about it, but watch where their eyes go. It’s not fool proof, but if they seem to look at guys a lot, they just might be gay.

  3. I whip it out and if they say anything complimentary, I know they’re straight. Straight guys are so gay.

  4. I always look out for guys who are not ‘toxic masculine’ and I mean, it is a stereotype but it is true that queer guys are usually less toxic about being male and are not stuck to the ideology of what is stereotypically considered male behavior compared to straight men.

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