We had the best time visiting the Allerton Botanical Garden in Kauai and eating a bomb vegetarian lunch at Puka Dog. Knowing some rain would be hitting us the following day, we decided to go to make the most of our convertible – hence all of the footage in the convertible. 😉

And our experience did not disappoint! We loved learning about Robert Allerton who inherited a fortune and became fascinated by exotic plants and gardens. He met John Gregg, a student at the time, and they fell in love. But because it was quite taboo to be gay and there were over 20 years between them, he adopted John (as a front) and they travelled the world purchasing art and gaining inspiration for their gardens. On one trip they were captivated by this specific area of Kauai and they purchased the property right away. They moved to Kauai in 1938 and spent years working to create the gardens we are able to visit today.

I don’t know about you but that is quite the love story if I’ve ever heard one! Such a beautiful journey to be together and create something together that will last for generations. If you are ever in Kauai, definitely worth it to purchase a tour:

And on our tour, a kind lady told us to check out Puka Dog as part of our quest for good vegetarian options in Kauai. So we both ordered a vegetarian puka dog and it was out of this world! Highly recommend if you are in Kauai.

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