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In the the northern Nigerian state of Bauchi the punishment for homosexuality could mean being stoned to death. Nigeria recently passed tough new laws which could mean long prison sentences for anyone convicted of being gay.

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  1. African wasnt christens or Muslims.. African had some different transitions.. When and why its became islmic.. Where is the orginal Africa lost..

  2. In a way, I am so grateful that my ancestors were brought to America. So many African countries seem like nightmares!

  3. This is the only place in Nigeria which is safe to live very nice people obeying Allah rules and regulations

  4. Why is everyone so hateful shouldn’t a sin be between u and god not the rest Nigeria shut up go do something about Boko haram bullshit and ur delusional leader

  5. Useless idiots, they do whatever they want in the north there,the federal government have no power in the north. Britain is responsible for all these evil in the Nigeria.

  6. Yes Am a proud Nigerian And Yes we Don't won't ass openers in Our Country…. have read Most of your stupid Comments … so being a Gay makes a country civilized???? Sons and daughters of the devil…. Do not Blame Muslims even We the Christians in Nigeria abolish the act of Homosexuality. _ Had your parents been victim of Same sex marriage would all have existed??? Where do some of you think from am sure is from that Big hole opened up in your ass by your fellow man's Dick. __ what pains Me Must in all the Comments is that the Majority of you encouraging this rubbish are Black Americans I just feel so sorry for you all . Pray to God to change you because that act is an abomination imagine what could Make God wipe out a whole City filled with people ( Sodom and Gomorrah ) God bless Us all .

  7. The reason Africa is so against gays is because of the history of male rape by the European colonisers. In the Caribbean American slave era this used to be called Buck Breaking where they used to rape the men infront of all the other enslaved people to break their spirits. This extreme hatred for gays comes from this

  8. Oh please. Nigeria has lots of "undercover gays". They just have found a way to hide it. There are plenty of men there that like dick up their asses to. And if you don't like my comment your probably an undercover gay.

  9. If you could put the same energy to fight boko halamu the way yr fighting gays I think Nigeria will be a perfect place, let me say this if yr not gay dont marry one ok being gay is not like going to the market and buy it like a donut u danm ass holes, and if you were corfatable with yr own sexiality , u wouldn't care that much, but bz yr not that's why yr scared , may yr gay inside, just saying,

  10. My ancestors wouldn't accept me kinda sad they hate gay people yet come to America and creep on the dl. It's true if it affends you it's mental same with Jamaican men. They be bi on the low too.

  11. For those claiming "We Africans won't tolerate it" "It's our country not yours"

    First of all, speak for yourself. I am Nigerian and I vehemently oppose this. There are many of us too.

    That 'our country' has much bigger problems.
    1) We have failed to ensure the people's security. Boko Haram, Fulani herdsmen….thousands killed!
    2) A terrible economy.
    Most of your people and their children's children will die without knowing what it is to be middle class.
    3) Poor electricity.
    4) Terrible roads.
    5) Pathetic healthcare system : the mortality rate in Nigeria, including infant and maternal mortality rates, are disheartening. We are on the top 10 in the world.
    6) Greedy corrupt politicians
    7) Nigerians make up the top 3 of those who die in the Mediterranean sea while seeking at all cost to leave the country.

    …….yet your priority is to hunt down and imprison/kill innocent people who have done nothing wrong but love who they choose to love?

    We are not asking to legalise gay marriage. Just stop imprisoning them. Quit killing them.

    How barbaric.
    This is why Nigeria will never move forward. Misplaced priorities.

  12. Leth them Removed Northern part out of Nigeria with their stupid Sharia Law. But i don't want homosexuality in Nigeria. but no one deserves to die or be stoned because of it.

  13. Religion kills more people than anything else in the world. I am an ex muslim and now an atheist. Islam is the most horrible sect ever.

  14. Everything God made haram, the west is determined to make halal. The laws of the west are not our laws. They have zero right to tell muslims what to do

  15. oh my god. this is absolute cruelty. my thoughts are with anyone who identifies as a queer individual in this ignorant country.

  16. Sad, sad, sad…………this is what religion does: invents crimes and then invents punishments……….save us from religious evil.

  17. This is an eye opener for me being a proud homosexual and gender nonconformist. This explains why all of the nigerians I work with are hateful and nasty towards homosexuals. I suspected it and now it's revealed. I spew the hate right back towards them. They are phony, fake and not sincere. I wouldn't trust them with my pet dog.

  18. People need infrastructure development if those evil British white believe that they are there in Africa to help Africa why not help Africa develop to super power Nation instead of pushing abomination.

  19. For all y'all saying it's 2014 lemme tell u that people have been practicing homosexuality since befor Jesus. And it was never accepted so, you can do the crap in your European side but we Africans will not accept it easily

  20. for some countries war and poverty is a good solution to learn that there are differences between animals and humans.

  21. The BBC, a professional company, don't know that it's grammatically incorrect to put a space before a question mark…

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