Stand up comedian Nishant Tanwar talks about his experience of visiting Thailand for the first time.

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Shot at – Canvas Laugh Club
Edited by – Karan Asnani
Sound Mixing & Mastering – Nishant Tanwar
Additional production: Sahil Mirani, Karan Asnani & Vijval Barboza
Post Production: Myoho Films (
Written & Performed by – Nishant Tanwar

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  2. As always this video shows the hypocrisy of Indians. They enjoy all the sins but laugh at others who are frank about it. Also the stereotypical attitude is visible. For you kind information… Thailand is a very scenic , tropical country with a culture as old as India. There are so many activities you can accomplish such as sports, water sports, nature and wildlife sightseeing. Lovely beaches with clear blue waters. Also they have much better roads, traffic sense and civic sense. People are helping and always with a smile. Amazing Lovely Place. Also they being just 75 million in populations they lead India performance at the Asian Games 2018

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