Where was the most unusual place you’ve masturbated


  1. I dated a guy who used to jack off in the back of cabs, regularly… I was never there. And by dated I mean we hooked up one.

  2. I worked for my school district the summer after I graduated. My boss completely underestimated how quickly I could get things done, so I found myself with a lot of time to waste, while he figured out where to send me next (we were both driving around to different buildings to do different things and take care of other problems, so we were rarely in the same place at the same time – and this was before cell phones, so I’d have to page him, wait for him to find a break in his work, and hang out next to a phone so he could call me back). I spent a bunch of it looking for places that I never would have been able to access as a student. One day, while doing this, I had the urge… and took care of it in one of the offices in our newly-renovated high school library.

    The building was mostly empty, and obviously, the people who would use these offices were off for the summer, so risk was low… But still. I’ve never done that anywhere more unusual.

  3. In a men’s room in the college I attended before a Calcus final exam it helped me to calm down, would never do that again.

  4. A few different places I’ve worked actually, back of a furniture store, grocery store freezer, a couple different public bathrooms…on a bike trail, campsite bathroom…lol I’ve never thought about it but I may have a kink.

  5. On the side of the highway standing outside my car (turned down a dirt road as you would to take a piss)

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