When it comes to picking up men, gay guys are just better at it because they know what they like, and they know how to get it. Our generation is used to overanalyzing every aspect of dating and a relationship, but gay guys enjoy it for what it is: fun.

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  1. lmao! Why is the same anger not spewed towards gay men like it was at lesbians in the "lesbians are better at…" video? Could it be that a legion of miserable men look for every opportunity to let the world know how much they hate (desperately crave) women?

  2. That's because for straight women, the saying is. " The egg doesn't find the sperm." And that is totally true. Women don't bother and don't need to bother with "picking" men up. There is no competition what so ever, lol.

  3. I wish all men had sex with other men if they look good. I prefer having sex with ordinary everyday men that I see, not gay men.

  4. I use to be that way, but now I am in a commitmented relationship. This video was funny AF tho! Subbed.

  5. Why gay men instantly click?
    Gay guy 1: I like anything associated to the automotive industry. Have you heard about the new Jaguar i-Pace?
    Gay guy 2: Heck, yeah! It's a real serious competition to Tesla Model S.

    Straight Guy: Look, a hot car. Damn I love Mustangs.
    Straight Girl: What's a Mustang?

    Gay guy 1: I love baseball.
    Gay guy 2: I love baseball too.
    Gay guy 1: Let's fuck.
    Gay guy 2: Game!

  6. women have standards unlike men. which usually bites women in the ass, they lose out on meeting great people because of this

  7. This is definitely not stereotyping an entire group of people. Elite Daily should totally keep making videos like this.

  8. I see that this video is meant to just be light and funny, but it does pretty much say that all gay men are sex-obsessed and vapid. Videos like these can give those who are less accepting of gays more justification for disliking them, if these negative portrayals are all they're shown. It reinforces all the negatives they've heard over the years, and if they see it enough they'll think "this must be how they really are, these guys are disgusting and obnoxious", even though that isn't true for the majority of gays. These portrayals do more harm than good.

  9. I clicked because I genuinely wanted to find out if this was true but I'm not sure this video is accurate at all

  10. The only thing that I agreed with this video, is the fact the mostly gay guys are not as picky as women. So, that is why they hook up more, but man are man, and many prefer live like single for the rest of their life, straight guys are following the same path…

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