Today’s video is dedicated to all the gaymers out there xx #WayBackWednesday Video “Gay Education”: …


  1. I never played a whole lot of video games, but damn I had some crushes from the web over the years. Sonic, Link, Mario Brothers, Snake, Chris Redfield, Albert Wesker, Link, Ryu, K'dash, Maxima, Phoenix Wright, Detective Gumshoe, the fellas from Final Fantasy, Dragon Age, Overwatch, Uncharted, Fox McCloud, Wolf O'Donnell, some of the Pokemon creatures even. That's what I came up with XP

  2. Have you ever played "Tales from the Borderlands" by Telltale Games? It has great humor and I really liked the way they presented the gay characters. I find that gay characters are too often shown as extremely one-dimensional in most media. As in, their only character trait is "GAY". Not in this game though. The characters in this game are fully fleshed out human beings with their own motivations and they just happen to be gay. As it should be. I highly recommend checking it out 😉

  3. Dunno, having the hots for fictional characters predate video games and even today are not all that exclusive the way I hear anime fans talk about their favourites sometimes.

    Anyway Nathan Drake, Commander Shepard and Chris Redfield (even before the pumped up on steroids look seen in Resident Evil 5) are the ones that first come to mind. Also before I knew I was gay/ still considering I might have been Bi still had something for Lara Croft

  4. I'm making a game atm, let's just say I'm taking gaymers into consideration especially with my "bara" type of guy who's gay. 😛 end spoilers

    Gaymer crushes: Admin Matt-pokemon, beast tamer Gadis-ys memories of celceta, Bertrand-Etrian Odyssey 2 untold, Benny-fire emblem fates, Zhara-fire emblem fates, Brenner-advance wars, max-advance wars, Dakova-fire emblem path of radiance, Carver-dragon quest VI, Yangus-dragon quest 8, garet-golden sun, gareth-fire emblem radiant dawn, gatrie-fire emblem radiant dawn, Cid-final fantasy, Dick Gumshoe-Ace Attorney series, Garland-radiant historia, James Vega-mass effect 3, Gustav-Suikoden 2, Zack-harvest moon mineral town, Tadakatsu-Pokemon conquest, Ryu/Hot Ryu, and many more…

    Erm feel free to search these up those of you who have the time. Perhaps you'd also like them too haha.

  5. as a kid i always thought link was a girl and tbh 6yo me had a crush on her, being a lesbian that counts as a gaymer crush right? i still like to imagine link is a girl 'cause everything is better with lesbians, lbr.

  6. I think my first video game crush was Nathan Drake…or Master Chief…xbox or playstation, I can never decide!

  7. Well if I ever had a male character crush it would be Kratos or Logan from X-Men HAHA! I like my man agressive?

  8. I'm a gaymer but I love female characters?… My favorite of all is Mileena! fusion of beauty and beast with deadly kiss?second would be Lara Croft,strong and independant woman with a courage most men don't have?,3rd would be Samus,c'mon who wouldn't like a badass girl from space??

  9. I simply looooove link…. My favourite image of him is when he turns into a picture in link to the past.

  10. My favourite game as a teen was Baldur's Gate, a game based on in Dungeons and Dragons world. It was a brilliant game which not only had a million and one paths to take, it also had alternative endings based on your decisions. I loved that you could build your own character, make them whatever you wanted, and watch them advance and grow as you went through the world. Funnily enough that is the one game that I have kept, and it makes its way back onto my hard drive every now and again. A few years ago I realised that whenever I was unhappy with my life growing up, I would disappear into the loft to find my old games box and dig it out. I am sure psychologists would say this is because I wanted to experience progress or a reward for doing well and see my character grow in levels. I personally think it is because when you are feeling down and low, and no matter how old you are, kicking the crap out of daemons, vampires, dragons and orcs is oddly therapeutic. 

    I also recommend watching Kill Bill Vol 1 with a glass of red wine and some nice chocolate. Be warned however: this is for only the most advanced of rages, and should only be used after exceptionally bad days. Enjoy! 🙂

  11. Fun video.  So let me ask you, are you still a "gaymer"?  If so, who are your favorite YTers that talk about video games?

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