Sean Hayes Wrote A Book

Will and Grace star Sean Hayes has published a new children’s book.

Working together with his husband, Scott Icenogle who creates the music for Will and Grace and CNN, Hayes created the Christmas themed book about the secret history of the Sugar Plum Fairy.

The gay couple and authors recently visited Good Morning America where Hayes talked about the book.

As he explained.

Plum is a book that [my husband] Scotty and I wrote,” said Hayes on the morning talk show. “It’s how the Sugar Plum Fairy got her wings. What we have in common is a creativeness, a love for music… When I was a kid, I used to listen to the Nutcracker over and over on a record, that’s a Vynal thing. And I memorized every note of every song of the entire ballet. I was obsessed with The Nutcracker and found out he was, too. And so we were like ’This is an insane story. Kind of like Alice and Wonderland. It’s so trippy…so where do these characters come from? So we thought, let’s do an original story. Hopefully for all the characters, but we started with Plum since that’s the most popular.”

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The two also talked about their home life, relationship, and their career life. During the interview, the couple had nothing but kind words to share about each other.

This echoes sentiments shared by Icenogle earlier this year when asked what it’s like to be married to Hayes.

At the time, Icenogle responded by saying, We laugh a lot, no joke. We live, we love, we laugh, and that’s how we rule our lives together.”