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I head to Winnipeg for gay pride, and run into all sorts of fun!


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  1. So glad you had a chance to visit us in Winnipeg, Tom! Your shows on the Pride outdoor stage and at the Met that evening were great, and it was such a thrill to meet you!

  2. This video was fun to watch, I only wish it was longer! I like your energy and the fact that your hot (and like bears) is a plus!!! Make more videos! I didn't even realize Winnipeg had much of a Pride fest. Oh, why didn't you film the human rights museum? I'm curious to see what it's like. It should have a gay rights section in it. 

    Toronto also has a massive underground city, in fact, it's the biggest in the world and yeah, I made a video about it. You can see it in my channel. It's called PATH.. YES, I'm a video freak! 😛

  3. Here in Canada we call it Winterpeg for a reason. And the Queen is Queen of Canada here, they are OUR royal family, not just the UK's.

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