After watching this it’s very mind boggling as Africa is one of the most hated place to be gay. A UK radio DJ/radio host has decided to make a daring move to go to Uganda, Africa to visit what it’s really like. Fortunately he got back to the UK in one piece.

This is a very good documentary as not only he has to hide his sexually away from everyone but he had some very interesting interviews with people who struggles with no one but themselves to trust upon.
I do have to say thank you for those people that Scott interviewed as I’m sure they are very brave for doing that.
Also, this documentary opened my eyes in how bad homosexuality really is around the globe, I mean even the person whom is one of the leaders in their country has made a rule to execute gay offenders which is punishable by death.

In this video certain places that he goes to gets pretty dangerous intense as Scott is opening up about his sexually during his interview.

I have found another associated link to these violent outbursts:


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