Summer XLSior Extravaganza 2017 Gay Group Tour
August 21 – 30, 2017

Join gay tourists from all over the world for this amazing gay group journey this coming August. Enjoy week in Greece ending off with an extended weekend at the summer’s hottest festival. Enjoy XLSIOR Mykonos 2017 festival weekend while also having the opportunity to explore some of the hottest highlights of this incredible country. The best DJs in the world, the most beautiful Mediterranean beaches, and the hottest guys come together on this serence Grecian capital of GAY vibrancy and pride. Spend the days at the beach and the nights partying on the dance floor.


  1. Эх мальчики) приезжайте в снг и занимайтесь криминалом, вас отведут в лагерь- рай для вас педиков? оттопыритесь с огромным удовольствием, пидоры вы дырявые? с неуважением , ваш ненавистниг ?

  2. Πουσταραδεσ για την κολαση…τι αλο θα δουμε βρε παιδια..απαράδεκτο..να εξαφανιστουν απο την γη ολοι τουσ..

  3. DAMN!! That looks fun, better than going to some hick Country Bar…. did not like the singing tho — irritating

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