Ok it’s probably been asked but I’m saying it anyway..how the hell do get a boyfriend as a feminine gay guy? Like I’m not “insanely” feminine but I’m feminine enough for someone to assume I’m gay…I keep on getting mixed answers for this… one is that everyone has their preference and I’ll fit someone niche..attraction is a spectrum etc. then most other answers a large majority of gay guys prefer masculine types..I’m a huge hypocrite with my question as I “prefer” masculine types..not because of femphobia..feminine guys are a blast to be around but just romantically and in bed I want a yin to my yang so to speak. If there’s hope how could I find a guy? If there isn’t should I just settle or give up dating? Or keep dragging on hoping I’ll get lucky..

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  1. My only advice for you is that one should not solely seek masc or femme traits on someone else. In my humble opinion I perceive wanting people just for acting more masc or femme a bit superficial. Regardless of who you find externally or behaviourally attractive, if you really like someone because of their true personality and intellect, little is left to consider as far as their gender expression goes.
    Then again, if it is just for sex, expect to find way too many people judging u superficially; that is because pure sex has to do with just looks, it is a more primitive human function, so I do not think you should value your self worth with others people attraction to you.
    Hope it helped 🙃

  2. Dude, I dunno. I’m deffo masc, and I’m happy to meet and greet and consider a relationship with any type of person that’s a good soul. I’m not living your experience… but I sincerely hope you find the man for you. No matter how he presents himself. Love is love. 👍

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