This is the incredible transformation achieved by top makeup artists with Dermablend products, on the wondrous and beautiful Rick Genest aka “Zombie Boy”. It’s a perfect example of why I recommend Dermablend. The coverage is unsurpassed and covers everything from Tattoos to hyperpigmentation, and as long as you have the training in how to prime, apply and set it, the coverage will never let you down.

Video is property of Vichy Dermablend and I am providing it here for educational purposes only.

Dermablend looks coming soon to my youtube and my body art page:


  1. I think he looks good with the tattoos and without them. Body modifications have always been around and are normal. His body, his choice.

  2. Why did this guy ruin his life? I don't think he looked in the mirror and didn't think: shit why did I even do this?

  3. He looks like such a sweet kid. I just hope that when he is older he will not be sorry for having modified his body so much.

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